If you are serious about quitting, it pays to spend a little time preparing for your life after you quit smoking.

Anyone can quit, hell most of us have quit hundreds if not thousands of times.

What we have trouble with is maintaining our non-smoker status. In my experience that is because when we try to quit on our own (without the co-operation and assistance of our sub-conscious minds) we are not really non-smokers, we are ex-smokers.

That is to say smokers who are not currently smoking!

After You Quit Smoking Be Aware of Your Triggers

Even when we do have to co-operation of our sub-conscious minds you can be tripped up after you quit smoking if you do not prepare for the times where you will be surrounded by what used to be your smoking triggers.

Maybe you are going out for the evening with friends, friends who still smoke. Or perhaps you find yourself in a very stressful situation or the smell of cigarette smoke in your car acts as a trigger.

When you quit using the Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes system, old smoking triggers no longer prompt the majority of clients to light up, but there will be a small percentage of clients that can be tempted to smoke again.

You will not know which group you will be in until after you have quit smoking and you are faced with one or more of your triggers.

For me, I can cope with the smell of cigarette smoke and none of my old habits affect me, but I do think about smoking occasionally when I am stressed. I don’t smoke during those times, but I do think about it.

So why am I telling you this?

Identify your triggersBefore You Quit Smoking : Preparation is the key

Planning how you will handle your strongest triggers before you have your Quit session will help you to deal with any of those situations that present themselves after your session.

Does you car smell of cigarette smoke? Buy an air freshener for your car.

Always have a cigarette with coffee? Try to wean yourself off coffee and gradually introduce a substitute that you can have without a cigarette a few weeks before your “quit date”. Be careful with this one though, the addiction to caffeine can be quite strong and you may go through withdrawal if you drop your caffeine intake too quickly.

Do you reward yourself with a cigarette when you finish a task? Find another kind of reward, one that is not going to damage your health maybe!

Go through each one of your smoking triggers and plan your response.

Then think about how you will react if you find yourself in a situation where you feel the need of a cigarette after you quit smoking. You need to do this because no matter how thorough you think you have been in identifying your triggers, I will guarantee that something will come up after your Quit session that could not have been foreseen.

For those situations, you need a preferred or planned response.

It might be that your planned response will be to drink a glass of water. Or to have a sugar free lolly (these really taste quite good – I buy the “Double D” brand from BigW).

Depending on what your schedule is like, you might decide that your response will be to go for a walk outside for 5 minutes, talk to a friend or play with a pet.

After You Quit Smoking Reward Yourself!

The idea is that you plan to do something that is pleasurable instead of having a cigarette. After you quit smoking, reward yourself for making the choice to be a non-smoker and you will reinforce your identity as a non-smoker. But be careful about how you choose to reward yourself. It is not a good idea to substitute one addiction for another!

And if weight gain is a concern then plan how you will manage your weight without using cigarettes.

Put the cash you save by not buying cigarettes towards a holiday or a new wardrobe. If you were a 20 a day smoker, you will save just over $500 each month. What could you do with an extra $500 a month?

After You Quit Smoking Expect to Feel and Look Better

There are immediate benefits to quitting cigarettes. By not smoking you can improve your health, you sense of taste will revert to normal. Your hair and clothes will no longer smell like an old ashtray.

After you quit smoking your skin will be less prone to wrinkling and age spots, and your teeth and fingernails will no longer be stained by the cigarettes smoke and over time the discolouration of both will fade. All good news!

This System Makes Quitting Cigarettes Easy

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