Reasons for Smoking

What are Your Reasons and Excuses for Smoking Cigarettes?

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Despite all we now know about the dangers of smoking cigarettes, cancer, heart disease, lung disease, etc., and the exorbitant cost of cigarettes these days, people keep smoking, and they have all the excuses for smoking that you could possibly imagine.
excuses for smoking
If you have never smoked, it will seem ridiculous.

It might even make you angry if the smoker in question is someone you care for, or someone who should care for you.

I have known asthmatics who smoke, pregnant women and mothers with small children who smoke.

Two of my grandparents died of cancer, one lung cancer and the other cancer of the throat and they both smoked right up until day(s) they died.

Heck, I smoked for over 25 years.

Smokers Excuses and Justifications

The biggest excuse that most smokers use is probably that they smoke because of stress. It is usually the stress of their job, kids, and life.

A lot of smokers tell me that smoking relaxes them.

Now if you know anything about nicotine, you know that it is impossible to actually relax when you smoke!

The chemicals in the cigarettes they smoke to calm down or reduce their stress levels are actually stimulants so if anything, that cigarette is more likely to hipe them up and will definitely make the stress levels much worse.

They also claim that they have no will power or that they do not want to put on weight.

Some people claim that they keep smoking to moderate their moods, and claim to be a “b” when they stop as withdrawal makes them short-tempered or irritable.

Then there are the addiction excuses. I can’t quit because I am addicted… Quitting is hard and I don’t have the time or energy to deal with withdrawal.

I used to tell people that I was doing it for them because if I didn’t smoke I would be perfect and to think how irritating would that be! But really I used smoking to get some alone time at work, or to cut short long boring meetings that were going nowhere.

It worked but at a huge cost to my health. And it obviously worked for a very long time (25 years…) and it wasn’t until I convinced myself that the reasons I had for quitting were more important to me than my reasons and excuses for remaining a 20 a day smoker!

What are your reasons for continuing to smoke? Why not call me for a chat about your smoking history and habits, it could be the first step towards becoming a non-smoker for life!

Instead of continuing to poison yourself and using those reasons and excuses to make yourself feel better about what you are doing to your body, quit smoking cigarettes the easy way, and eliminate all of those reasons and excuses with hypnosis!

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