Is there someone important in your life who is a smoker?

Working out how to help smokers quit and following through can be a tremendous gift, but it is not as straightforward as many of us would hope.

help others quit smokingIf you have never smoked yourself, what seem to be helpful suggestions or sensible advice to you will not make you any friends among the smokers within your circle. Apart from that, most smokers do not want to hear why someone else thinks they should quit!

Tell them about the health risks and their eyes will glaze over.

Talk about the cost and although they will agree with you that cigarettes are expensive, in all likelihood this will not be enough for them to make the decision to quit.

Sending them outside, alone, and in all types of weather to have a smoke will not phase them either!

Hiding their cigarettes, telling them they are being selfish, shunning them, nagging. None of these tactics will work, they will either get the smoker’s back up or make them feel targeted and alone.

Is that what you want for that important person in your life?

What About An Ultimatum – Can They Help Smokers Quit?

No, no, no!

Do not make that important person choose between their cigarettes and you.

At worst your friend or family member will choose cigarettes, at best they will make an attempt to quit, fail, become even more convinced that they are addicted because of it and resent you for making them go through all the stress and heartache of their failed attempt.

Really, think about it. In that best case scenario – who wins?

So How to Help Smokers Quit?

Offer them unconditional support and know that they will know when quitting is the right decision for them.

Yes, talk to them about it. Yes, tell them that you would prefer it if they quit, but without judgement, without making them responsible for your feelings as well as their own.

Provide them with information about smoking, the health impact, the cost, the social disadvantages, but leave them to make up their own minds about what they take from that information.

Don’t nag or argue your point.

Just share, listen and offer encouragement.

This System Makes Quitting Cigarettes Easy

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