Quit Smoking Now – Get Ready for Christmas and New Year

Quit smoking now using hypnosis so that you are happier and healthier with more cash in your pocket ready for the holiday season!

If you quit now you can save all the money you would normally spend on Cigarettes and spend it on your kids at Christmas or on a holiday.

You will feel better, as toxins leave your body and your lungs slowly start to recover.

Your sense of taste and smell will return, just in time for all of those special foods and drinks at the Christmas and New Year parties you attend.

And you will no longer have to leave the party to stand outside alone while you feed your socially unacceptable habit.

Quit Smoking Now and Save

Book your Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes hypnotherapy session with me between now and Christmas Eve and I will give you $100.00 off the full price of your session.

But you need to act fairly quickly as I only have a couple of appointments each week, and they will fill up fast.

At the moment you can choose from an after hours appointment on Wednesdays or appointments on alternate Saturdays, and appointments are only available at Old Noarlunga.

If these times do not suit, please do call me.  You never know, we may be able to make an exception and find a time that suits both of us!

This System Makes Quitting Cigarettes Easy

Call 1300 833 669 to book your session now...